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about Me

I like to make pets happy. I provide exercise, enrichment, and care using R+ and LIMA methods. 

I also like to make pet guardians happy. I provide peace of mind, education, and great customer service. 

Happy pets plus happy guardians equal emptier shelters. Being a pet care provider helps me strengthen my community. 

I’ve cared for a variety of domestic pets for over 30 years with love and affection; and now I’m learning the new science of animal care to ensure pets have the autonomy, consent, and respect they deserve.   

I’ve cared for pets in all stages, from birth to end of life. Each one made me a better human.

How can I help you and your pet today?


To provide you and your pet a personalized, tailored level of positively reinforced, force-free care.
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Healthy pets are happier pets, so exercise and mental enrichment are key.

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Animals succeed through the use of positive reinforcement rather than punishment.

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The good habits pets learn are tools they can use for as long as they live.

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Observation and reflection bring new ideas and chances for learning.

Walking dogs is not always perfect but is always with love.

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Come ready.
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5-Star Service


Satisfied Clients

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When the Cats Are Away

A peek inside a typical CM visit:

Arrive to work

Walker wears PPE as required, equipment checked. Phone battery charged. GPS on. Walker secures home keys and or codes on-person for the duration of the walk. ETA texts provided upon request.

Houses in a suburb

Secure All pets

Walker tightens loose collars or harnesses if necessary and checks for damage or wear. Spare leashes and collars (no prong, choke, or e-collars used) available. Pets secured in backseat of vehicle during transport. Radio is off. Phone hands free. Climate-control set for maximum comfort. 

Dog upside down

Do the Duty

Walk pace adjusted for pet’s age or health. Walks are for decompression and enrichment. Playtime includes toy play, basic training cues practice, or maybe scent-work and mental enrichment games. All pets get rest and/or water breaks as needed. Drop-ins, car trips, or early morning bookings encouraged during hotter months.

Dog walker

Return safely home

Walker is vaccinated, wears mask. Hands are clean. Pets get a last drink and/or treat before crating or leaving. Walker cleans up as necessary, locks all crates and doors, returns keys, and disposes of pet waste. Includes text summary and photo record of visit.

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Standard Pricing.

Ask me about discounts!


Per walk

  • 30-Min walk
  • Force-free +R
  • 1-2 Dogs per walk
  • 7 Days per week
  • 365 Days per year
  • Confidential & secure


Per visit

  • 30-Min drop-in
  • Enrichment + exercise
  • 1-2 pets per visit
  • 7 Days per week
  • 365 Days per year
  • Bonded & insured


Per ride

  • 60-min transport
  • 1-2 pets per trip
  • Multiple stops ok
  • 2-way ok
  • Rear harness clips
  • All vehicles insured


"I'm kind of a big deal." ~ Ron Burgundy
Black small dog and Brown big dog

“Leah has been helping our family for over a year now! She is always punctual, kind, and responsive. She has always been flexible with us when we need her last minute. We have her over at least once a week, but usually two to three times. We would highly recommend her!”

Rachel M.

Wag Client

“Leah is incredible! She took care of my two cats while I was away for 3 days. It was my first trip away after being new to the area, making me nervous to leave them, but Leah made it so much easier. She took great care of the cats, making sure they had everything they needed. And she sent me updates every day. Leah really made all of the difference and I couldn’t recommend her more. I am so glad to have met her and I know the cats will look forward to her visit in the future! Thanks, Leah!”

Julianne T.

Canine Migration Client

“I can’t thank Leah enough. Not only does she take my dog on a sniffing adventure, she gives great suggestions on how to improve dog morale and interactions as my dog isn’t the greatest at socializing. A very hard worker who genuinely cares.”

Leslie K.

Wag Client

“”Thank you so much for the wonderful update! It makes my day to know he is in such good hands.

Chantal S.

Canine Migration Client

“She did an excellent job!”

Bobbie P.

Rover Client

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Why Canine Migration?

I get pets.
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No criminal record. Clean driving record. If you would like to run a check, I recommend First Advantage.* They are top in the industry, offer flexible pricing and packages, are the most comprehensive and thorough, and they have excellent customer service.

*Non-affiliated, non-reimbursed link

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Bonded and insured through Pet Sitter’s Associates.* Pets insured under personal vehicle policy as well. Proof of insurance available upon request.

*Non-affiliated link

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AA, AS, BA. Red Cross Online First Aid certificate. Free Free Certificate. 
I follow R+ training principles and science that advocates force-free animal training and handling. Currently pursuing dog training certificate. 

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No dog parks or off-leash without permission. No headphones. No prong, choke, or e-collars. Walk areas are pre-checked. Lock boxes are zeroed out. Covid-19 vaccinated. Car safety restraints. Sensitive social media posting: no personal info. No info sold to 3rd parties. Services confidential. Grain free treats upon request. Filtered water available.

Drug Free Icons

Also no cigarettes, vaping, or alcohol.
I do have a weakness for pizza.

Hand holding heart

Above and beyond is the standard. Gaining a pet’s trust ensures they’ll have a positive experience. Extra care and patience helps build your pet’s confidence and achieve balance. Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive strategies to keep your pet’s Fear and Stress as low as possible.

Dog Talk About Dog Walks
Black Labrador close up

Hank (3/2009-2/2020)

I miss his snore.

Atypical Canine Respiratory Disease
This disease is spreading across the United States, but little is known about it. Here is a quick visual on some of the things that are known. This was compiled from notes I took…
My Dog Eats Grass – Is That Bad?
Dogs love a yard salad. They can often be found munching away quietly on your lawn. Moments later they can be found puking it back up on your carpet. But don’t worry, about the…

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