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Kiwanis Lake Tempe Arizona

Giving Thanks – Local Listings

Trails and Parks Phoenix Dog Parks & ClosuresPhoenix TrailsSouth Mountain Trails MapPhoenix Parks (Alphabetical)Phoenix Steele Indian School ParkMargaret T. Hance Park – PhoenixDog Friendly Activities in Phoenix  Veterinary Services 1st Pet (North Valley)Blue Pearl Animal HospitalPrestige Animal Clinic in GilbertAnimal Hospital of LaveenFoothills Animal HospitalScottsdale Hills Animal Hospital & Grooming Shady Spaces AZ Central Top 10 Shadiest Spots in PhoenixRiparian Preserve at Water Ranch in GilbertJapanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix… Read More »Giving Thanks – Local Listings

Black Labrador on floor

Hank Says…

Finding time to walk the dog is hard.

Covid-19 Virus

The Walking Dread: Walking Dogs During a Pandemic

As many of you know, we’re having a pandemic. Sounds a bit scary, and for good reason; it’s highly contagious and can be fatal. So, what is the best way to walk a dog during the Covid-19 pandemic? Well, we’re not entirely certain, but here are some suggestions. Walking Your Own Dog Walk in spaces that are large, open, and have the maximum room to move around in without bumping… Read More »The Walking Dread: Walking Dogs During a Pandemic

Retractable leash

Ditch the Retractable

Pet owners’ tastes are diverse, as the billions in annual pet supply sales will attest; but this means the market is full of poorly designed or cheaply made items. But cheap materials are just one of the retractable leash problems dog owners are willing to endure for the freedom of a zip cord. Leash sales surged as city-pet ownership grew in popularity. Before that, unfettered urban mutts were seen as… Read More »Ditch the Retractable

My Dog Eats Grass – Is That Bad?

Dogs love a yard salad. They can often be found munching away quietly on your lawn. Moments later they can be found puking it back up on your carpet. But don’t worry, about the dog anyway. In most cases, Fido is fine. Why do they eat it? Low-level vitamin deficiency Common stomach upset It tastes good When should you worry? If vomiting is accompanied by other symptoms such as lethargy,… Read More »My Dog Eats Grass – Is That Bad?