30-minute Dog Walk


Time for walk? Who wants a walk? We go for walk?! Okay, let’s walk.

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As schedules get busier, finding time to walk the dog gets harder. Maybe you’re working from home and Fido needs to literally take a hike during that important Zoom meeting. Maybe you’re pulling longer days, trying to meet a crucial deadline. Schedule a walk to keep your mind focused on your work instead of worrying about your pets.

A 30-minute dog walk is priced for 1 to 2 dogs. (Additional dogs are $5 each.) You can also substitute 30-minutes of play time or light exercise for dogs who cannot walk due to weather, age, injury, etc.

Walks may occur both indoors and outdoors. During extreme temperatures, walkers look for nearby parks and greenspaces as alternative locations. Because this may requires brief road travel, vehicles carry insurance. and have seat belt-mounted clips for added security.

Safety is a priority, so walkers supply water and extra leashes. 

Email caninemigration@gmail.com to schedule a service.