Drop-in Pet Check


A friendly drop-in to perk up your pet.

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Need to go out of town? Worried about your pets while you’re at work all day? Have a pet with special needs? Drop-ins are perfect for that. 

Drop-ins occur in the pet’s home, and last 30 minutes. (If you need a larger care window or multiple drop-ins over multiple days, please consider booking a long-term sitting.)

Drop-ins include, but are not limited to*: brief walks, play time, administering medications**, and feeding.  Some drop-ins require short-distance travel. Transport vehicles carry insurance and have seat belt-mounted clips for added security.

Price is per visit. Email caninemigration@gmail.com to schedule a service.

*Pet care providers occasionally do light, pet chores, but do not provide house cleaning as a service. Requests for any unusual or non-standard pet-related tasks are require pre-approval to ensure the safety and security of all parties.

**Care providers know basic, pet first aid and CPR, and can administer oral or topical medications. They are not veterinarians. Please discuss any of your pet(s) special needs before your scheduled visit.