Long-term Pet Sitting


A pet’s in-home staycation for your own peace of mind.

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Long-term pet sitting is 8 or more hours of care in one day, or spread over multiple days.  A pet sitter may stay overnight in the owner’s home or visit the home several times a day.

Visits include, but are not limited to: walk or play time, feeding and watering, and lots of attention and affection. Long-term sitting gives care providers more time to do a variety of different things during their visits. Some duties include light pet chores such as cleaning litter boxes or picking up a minimum of yard waste.  (Non-standard requests require pre-approval.)

Please leave detailed instructions and supplies in plain sight. Care providers know basic pet first aid and CPR, but are not trained veterinarians. Please discuss your pet’s special or medical needs with your sitter before your scheduled visit.

Short trips or pet transports during a sitter’s stay are free. To keep your pet safe on the road, vehicles carry insurance and have rear restraints.

Pet sitting requires a free meet and greet at the owner’s home prior to approval.

Price is per day.

Email caninemigration@gmail.com to schedule a service.